The earliest Gujarati immigrants to Saskatchewan came in 1958. Prior to 1973, approximately a dozen Gujarati families celebrated Gujarati festivals at a private residence. The Samaj was formally established on February 23, 1974. It was incorporated under the Societies Act of the Province of Saskatchewan on September 26, 1977. Since January 1, 1987 it has been registered as a charitable and non-profit organization.

“The Gujarati Samaj of Regina is a registered organization under The Gujarati Samaj of Saskatchewan Inc. The Gujarati Samaj of Saskatchewan Inc. is an organization of Gujarati speaking people formed to promote the Gujarati and associated culturalvalues, which have their origin in the Indian State of Gujarat. About one third the area of Saskatchewan, the state envelopes 178,000 sq. km, and presently has a population of over 60 million. The State of Gujarat as we know today came into existence on May 1, 1960”

The Samaj currently has 150 families as registered members.The Samaj organizes social and cultural activities for its members, and has provided social interaction for children of the Samaj. Additionally, religious and cultural festivals have been used as instruments to develop cultural identity and expression. For example, NAVRATRI and DIWALI festivals are celebrated on a yearly basis without fail.

The Samaj has long and proud record of achievements. It has organized annual picnic and sports events such as bowling, skiing and water-sliding. The Samaj has also held conventions with Gujarati MandaI of Calgary.

In the year 2010-11, the Samaj has initiated language activity by introducing Gujarati Language School. The school aims to spread and keep Gujarati culture alive by teaching the next generation reading, writing and speaking our mother tongue.

As in any organization, the activities of the Samaj have evolved to meet the needs of its present membership. With a growing population of Canadian born Gujaratis, the emphasis is shifting from more traditional values to those values, which may be incorporated, into our daily lives. Through its activities, the Samaj strives to bridge the gap between the emerging values of Gujaratis raised in Canada and the traditional values inherited from our roots in India.